There has been a railway station at Waikanae ever since the Wellington and Manawatu Railway Company opened its line from Wellington to Longburn in 1886.  However, the present one is only 4 years old.  This article was in the Kapiti Observer 3 years ago:-


“[There was] a bizarre incident on Saturday night in Waikanae, where a car was driven along railway tracks.

Police allege a 59-year-old man drove off from the Waikanae Hotel, smashing into parked cars before crossing four lanes of SH1 and driving about 200 metres up the main trunk line, stopping at the Waikanae Railway Station.

Sergeant Mike George said he was called at about 7.10pm, and found the driver inside his car.

“His subsequent breath alcohol reading was over the legal limit and he now faces one charge of excess breath alcohol. Further charges are likely.”

He said it was miraculous nobody was injured.

Wellington man Bruce Packer was eating at a restaurant when the car crashed into parked vehicles outside the Waikanae Hotel.

He said the man reversed into the cars as if in a “demolition derby”, before driving away towards the train tracks.

“I felt really sorry for the people who had their cars hit. This old guy with a walking stick came out and looked dumbfounded, like, ‘what has happened to my beautiful car’.”

Train services to Waikanae were cancelled while the scene was cleared, with buses replacing trains between Paraparaumu and Waikanae.

A tow truck had to drive up the railway line to collect the badly damaged car from next to the platform.”