The front page of yesterday’s Kapiti News had the article shown about a house that had been rented out for 12 years and when the owners went to sell it, their realtors believed methamphetamine (often called ‘P’ in NZ for ‘pure’ amphetamine) had been used in it.

It turned out the loss in property value was $50,000 because of the decontamination and repairs required.  If the house had been used by meth cooks, a bulldozer would have been the cheapest solution. You wonder, though, why this wasn’t suspected by the owners during regular inspections.

Repeated meth use can show up in mood disturbances, violent, aggressive, paranoid behavior, confusion and insomnia. There may be a deterioration of the person’s appearance.

Our advice if you suspect someone is a drug abuser, is report it to the police.  We have done this once about a suspect man in Waikanae.