This is a World Class event with nearly every building in the city from the 1930s resplendent in the Art Deco facade (some Spanish Mission) that they were built with after the city was rebuilt following the 1931 earthquake.

Thousands of people dress in the styles of the 1930s, there are several hundred lovely classic cars from the 1920s-1940s paraded around the streets and there were 200 functions and happenings with 1930s themes such as ‘Gangsters and Flappers’, ‘Prohibition Party’, ‘Depression Dinner’, ‘Prison Pudding’ and ‘Late Night Libation’ to name just a few.  And the weather was fine with a pleasant 28ºC daytime temperature. 🙂

With all that it was a bit hard for the Waikanae Beach Carnival to compete for our attention…