An Art Deco Idea

Councillor Gurunathan and the Mayor are joined at the hips in their desire to pursue a boys’ toys event of planes and cars with lots of ratepayer assistance. This type of event is two-a-penny. Even Marton is holding one without any apparent ratepayers money. [Coming back from Napier, we also noticed one in Shannon, –Eds]

Dear readers of Waikanae Watch, it’s madness to disagree with these Councillors I know, but I propose an alternative event. Previous Councils have created wonderful cycleways around Kapiti.

What we really need is a Bicycle Belles and Motorcycle Motorheads event. Imagine the pathways of Kapiti lined with people watching penny farthings, unicycles, tandems and bicycles from yesteryear.

The Norman, Philips many without gears would bring back memories to the elderly and excite the youngsters that bicycles could be ridden without gears. Riding the paths of Kapiti, the riders could be dressed in period costume.

Motorcycles of yesterday could be driven around selected streets of Kapiti. On one day of the year we could have the Indian, the Vincent and Triumph replacing those regular Rolls, Chevy and Packard vehicles that we so frequently see. Look at what Napier can achieve at their Art Deco.