Welcome to Waikanae Sign alt2

Welcome to Waikanae Sign alt1

With five elected representatives choosing the Welcome sign, the residents of
Waikanae have only themselves to blame if they dont like the decision. By
electing these characters to high office one can only marvel at their decision
making. It is astounding for Chairman Gregory to say he has “no idea” of what
the signs would cost, but said most people were supportive of them. Well he
would say that wouldn’t he? Amazing that elected representatives don’t seem
to worry about costs.

The sign will probably cause more people to stop off on their journey north at

My preference is the design of Mik Peryer. His website has more than 36,000 hits per month. Waikanae is the birds, the trees and the beach, too many residents, and his design features aspects of that.

A tag line could be the ‘Wild bird capital of New Zealand”



Waikanae has both the estuary and the Nga Manu Reserve, and — despite the vandalism by certain property businessmen — lots of native birds in native trees in the streets.