We noticed that the Waikanae Community Patrol was looking for a garage for its vehicle, so here’s an example of one that would require a lot less space — as used by the Portland Patrol in Oregon; clean and green, although perhaps a little inadequate if the need arose to chase a crim?

Unlike the Waikanae Community Patrol which is voluntary, the Portland Patrol is a business, but employed by the city as well as by businesses.  The building in the background is the Greyhound bus station which is used by homeless as a place to hang out (a man can be seen sleeping there by the second column in the pic.)

Portland patrol

Info from the Portland Patrol website: “Portland Patrol Inc. (PPI) is a private security company providing armed and unarmed security for both public and private organizations in Oregon.  Working closely with the Portland Police Bureau, PPI employees help to ensure the safety and security of individuals, businesses, and property in the downtown area.

“Some of PPI clients include: The Portland Business Alliance, City of Portland Parks, Smart Park Parking Garages, Portland Public Schools, Portland Mall Management and the City of Hillsboro.

“PPI serves as the “Safe” side of the Portland Business Alliance’s Downtown Clean & Safe Program that provides security and cleaning for Portland’s Business Improvement District (BID). PPI is committed to ensuring that all visitors to the BID have a safe and positive experience in our wonderful city.”