D’Oyley Carte would have applauded a highly articulate ratepayer’s rendition
(KCDC Environment and Community Development Committee meeting of 14
April) of Councillor Michael Scott’s now public domain ‘Hi Sue’ letter.

Dismissed by Councillor Scott (Michael) as a ‘Mikadoesque performance’,
this rendition, in my view, showcased the puffery and sarcasm implicit in
this Councillor’s penmanship — traits too often obvious in his behaviour
within the Council Chamber to certain of his elected colleagues.

Rather than address the points raised, Councillor Scott (M) launched, by way
of deflection, into an interrogation of the ratepayer — whose speaking time
it was.

Councillor Gaylor — who as Chair had taken considerable pains at the outset
of the meeting to remind members of the ratepaying public present of their
responsibility to respect the Council Chamber and elected officers — made no
attempt to check her colleague’s behaviour, resorting quickly instead to
the edict ‘both parties have gone into debate’.

In his lacklustre ‘Dear Blanche’ response of 5 May to an articulate letter
that highlighted the very real need for an alternative access/egress across
the rail corridor to Waikanae East, Councillor Scott (M) rapidly
dissociated himself from the current lack of priority attributed to an
underpass solution (despite his elected roles on both KCDC and the Waikanae
Community Board), plus had the temerity to end with the admonishment ‘a less
aggressive presentation would be appreciated in the future’.

Mayor Church, who is routinely quick to sanction any ratepayer behaviour
that is perceived as inappropriate, is strangely silent in terms of
Councillor Scott’s (M) behaviour.

Come October, the ratepaying public will have opportunity to apply their
own sanctions.

Margaret Stevenson-Wright

Rate payer, Waikanae