Waiky bus routes

These have now been published by the Greater Wellington Regional Council.

The proposal is to split the existing bus route into two:

The existing route 280 will go straight from the railway station west along Te Moana Road to the beach where it performs the north-south circuit as now.

A new route 281 will cover the streets nearer the main town centre (all north of Te Moana Road), before it crosses the railway line and goes up Elizabeth Street, turns left into Winara Avenue and does a circuit around that and Kotare Street.

The two routes do not meet except over the most eastern part of Ngaio Road and at the railway station.

There are a few streets that gain a bus service: the east end of Te Moana Road, Marae Lane, most of Ngaio Road, the short Totara Street, Rimu Street, and of course all the streets proposed east of the railway line.

The main losing street is most of Ngarara Road.

No doubt those who still won’t be served by a reasonably close bus stop — Reikorangi Road is an obvious street which isn’t — will be arguing for coverage.  The GWRC is inviting comments, the webpage with a feedback form is here