“Waikanae is my home -– and to me a unique place woven from the beach, river, estuary, bush, farmland and rich bird life — captured in the work of talented local artists and artisans.

“I will champion Community Board process that produces:

1.      Stronger community centred consultation around the scoping of emergent local issues

2.      Increased rigor within planning decisions through active involvement of local expertise

“I will advocate for local issues inclusive of:

·       * A permanent access to Waikanae East that does not compete with rail movement

·* Strategies that optimise the benefits of the expressway and protect both critical connectivity and the unique fabric of the Waikanae in which we have chosen to live

·        * Keeping Waikanae strong through an attractive, dynamic business and retail heart

·        * Affordable, accessible medical care

·        * A safe environment supporting mobility for all

“Invest in my skills and experience —

Community Centred Advocacy

·        Effective Consultation

·        Successful Collaboration

·        Experience within the process of Local and Central Government