In statistics the median is the half-way point — half are above and half are below.  This is often important because average (mean) results can be skewed by a concentration of figures at one area in the spectrum.

We wanted to know by what percentage council imposts on households had increased in the last 10 years and in the last 5 years.  However, as stated above — and to our surprise — that can’t be done for the last 10 years because the figures for 10 years ago aren’t available on the KCDC system!

But here are the Rates increases for Kapiti for the last 5 years (including the water charges on the 2015/2016 figures):

Mean (average): From $1,653 to $2,449 = 48%

Median: From $1,566 to $2,299 = 47%

And what was general inflation in that same 5 years? According to the Reserve Bank’s inflation calculator, it was 4.1%


Have we got a problem with the KCDC?  The answer is obvious!

Another thing which is revealed in the figures given is that, contrary to what was reported at the time the water meters were promulgated, Waikanae people clearly use less water than the Kapiti average, not more.