4squareCharles Norton recently emailed the Waikanae Beach Residents’ Association to say that the Four Square has to attend a hearing on 14 October at 9:30 am in the Paraparaumu Library meeting room to renew their liquor licence and requesting that anyone who can, attends this meeting to give moral support to owners Thuy and Quoc — and if you can’t attend, let them have a letter of support before the 14th.

The problem with their licence is that records show a large proportion of sales are liquor, cigarettes and ice cream and to maintain their status as a “grocer” and not a “dairy” so that they can keep their liquor licence, they must show healthy grocery sales.

Another example of brainless officialdom? Yes, but that’s the way things are — change them by electing the right people to both the local council and central government.