If you think the Church+Dougherty council in Kapiti was awful, the Auckland ‘supercity’ has been even worse.

But a concerted effort to get fiscally prudent councilors elected by the Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance seems to have been successful:

‘The results are in: we did it!

‘The confirmed Council election results have now been released, and the efforts of the Ratepayers’ Alliance have altered the shape of the Council for the better.

‘A majority of Councillors have committed to fiscal prudence. Despite all the talk of the centre-right “Auckland Future” ticket failing (see the NZ Herald’s post-mortem here), your humble Ratepayers’ Alliance has ensured that the majority of councillors under the new Mayor have made a commitment to limit rate hikes and stand for fiscal prudence in our Super City!’

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“We need a body like this in Kapiti,” you say, and we already have the makings of one in Coastal Ratepayers United.  This was originally set up in response to Dougherty’s absurd pronouncements on coastal erosion, but it wouldn’t require much for it to be transformed with a wider membership into a general watchdog to hold the KCDC to account : website

Salima Padamsey is the efficient and helpful CRU secretary.