protest-at-kcdcPrevious KCDC Mayor Church, like Dougherty, considered Ratepayers speaking in opposition to their regime’s plans to be a nuisance. But from this Thursday, 10 November, there’ll be a 30-minute public forum before formal KCDC meetings — and also before meetings of the Strategy and Policy Committee, and the Operations and Finance Committee. This will allow people to address the Mayor and councillors about anything they like.

Mayor Gurunathan says this means that people wanting to talk to the Council on items not on the meeting agenda will no longer need to wait until the end of the meeting, which can take hours.

We assume each speaker will be limited to 3 minutes, which is basically what councilors get.

The agenda for Thursday’s meeting is here (pdf)

A reader has commented that the last item on this short agenda is for a public excluded session to consider the appointment of an ‘external’ member of the committee (which is the full council) that considers Dougherty’s performance — which is clearly a breach of the transperancy principle.  What is the purpose of this proposed appointee?  Will this appointee have voting rights?  What pay will this appointee get?  Answers please.