An e-mail sent to the mayor and councilors

Hi Guru,

I have now had time to digest and understand the content of the public notice ‘Withdrawal of Coastal Hazard Provisions from Proposed Kapiti Coast District Plan’ which appeared in Kapiti News on October 25, 2016. I have also been able to discuss it with a large number of affected ratepayers, many of whom were either completely unaware of it or did not understand what it meant. They are not happy!

It seriously concerns me that this action takes us right back to the situation we were in almost 5 years ago — that KCDC proposes ‘managed retreat’.

I also feel it is an insult to those, both within council and within the community, who committed thousands of hours of sincere effort towards finding an acceptable and sensible resolution to our coastal issues.

As this notice appeared in the paper on the same day you were sworn in, and as it is at complete odds with your campaign promise of ‘Build the Wall’, I assume it was not a decision you made or agree with.

I look forward to you and the new council redressing this aberration at your next meeting.

We are all watching very closely…

Regards, Gavin Bradley


Dougherty’s action could impact the value of properties like this.