The Raumati Paraparaumu Community Board is urging the Council to resume work on the Raumati Beach Town Centre Enhancement Project. A resolution to support this work was passed at a recent Community Board meeting (7/02/2017) and supported by 5 businesses from Raumati Beach.

“Questions need to be asked why this important project has been dropped by Council. In 2010 an extensive consultation project was undertaken which included 2 community workshops and written feedback. This was followed by the setup of a Project Manager and Project Coordinator in 2011. Since then it appears little has happened, except some road safety work which has begun on Raumati Road.

“The development at Kapiti College of a Performing Arts Centre and new carparks, and safety improvements to Raumati Road have raised the bar in terms of community development. It is another story when the central shopping zone is considered. Described by Council in a Kapiti visitor guide as a boutique shopping area, the layout and design of the precinct is dated with ugly high gutters creating a safety hazard for both able-bodied and disabled people.

“Finance may have been used as an excuse to halt this work, but Council will be spending over $40 million in the next several years on Paraparaumu and Waikanae village town centres, seemingly forgetting about our other, just as important village centres of Kapiti. This coming year Council has budgeted $2.18 million be spent on the Paraparaumu and Waikanae town centres. Some of this money should be diverted to the other village centres of Kapiti.

“Seven years have passed since the Raumati Beach Town Centre Enhancement Project started. It’s time for Council to take action and restart the ball rolling, which currently has no air in it and is stuck in a hole.”

RESOLUTION PASSED BY Raumati Paraparaumu Community Board 7/02/2017

The Raumati Paraparaumu Community Board request Council to resume the historic work regarding the Raumati Beach Town Centre Enhancement Project. This work should include reducing vehicle speed, creating a one way street, installation of outdoor tables, street parking or any other ideas that the businesses, landlords or Council may suggest.

Guy Burns

Deputy Chair, Raumati/Paraparaumu Community Board

Paraparaumu has already had tens of millions of dollars spent on it with the aquatic centre, the council building and now the performing arts centre.  It has had its fair share. [- Eds]