scottThe next will be this Thursday, which begins at 10 am in the KCDC HQ at 175 Rimu Road, although at 9:30 there is also the public forum where ratepayers who still think the council will take any notice of them can voice concerns.

Last week in the Wellington District Court, Cr Scott’s layer, Mike Antunovic, applied to have the bail conditions altered to allow him to attend Council meetings. Mr Dougherty presented the judge with a 3-page letter (probably composed for him by his [council-paid] lawyers Simpson Grierson) claiming that David Scott was a dangerous person and should not be allowed to attend council meetings.

The statements were actually quite defamatory, but Simpson Grierson know that section 14 of the Defamation Act states: “anything said, written, or done in … proceedings by a member of the tribunal or authority, or by a party, representative, or witness, is protected by absolute privilege.”

The judge, however, agreed with Mike Antonvic and rejected Mr Dougherty’s statement.