Reikorangi Bridge

An article on the stuff website:

Heritage New Zealand says the bridge’s demise is a “considerable loss of heritage”, but it appears unclear who actually owns it.

Acting [KCDC] infrastructure services group manager Glen O’Connor said wooden beams and debris from the bridge, in Reikorangi, east of Waikanae, were resting in the Ngatiawa River below.

“While we appreciate the bridge holds significant historical value for the district, particularly for Reikorangi residents, we are advising people to stay well clear as debris may come loose and cause harm.”

O’Connor said the bridge collapse was brought to the council’s attention this week, “but we understand from talking to local residents that it may have collapsed last Thursday evening”.

The bridge, which sits besides Mangaone South Rd, was replaced on that road by a new concrete bridge in about 1980, according to Heritage New Zealand. That bridge is about 100m up-river.

In the early 1990s a local trust was set up to advocate for maintenance on the bridge and possibly acquire it. However, on Thursday, O’Connor said the Ngatiawa Bridge Trust was “no longer active”.

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