Bernie Randall of the Paraparamumu-Raumati Community Board says the Jacobs report on this — accessible on the NZTA website here — vindicates his approach to the Human Rights Commission.

The Jacobs report makes a number of important recommendations. “Six houses require mechanical ventilation to avoid opening their windows to loud expressway noise and this should be carried out without any delay owing to the hot summer,” says Mr Randall. He says the extra electricity cost for this should be borne by the NZTA.

The report recommends, among other things, removing the rumble strips on the left hand edge lines along the urban part of the expressway and fixing approach surfaces to bridges to make them smoother.

Bernie Randall is calling on Julie Anne Genter, the Associate Minister of Transport, to urge NZTA to quickly implement the recommendations of the report.

The Minister should also urge NZS to immediate carry out a revision of NZS 6806 the road noise standard, as the current standard does not appear to be fit for purpose.

The home is literally the centre of the primary health system. When homeowners experience disturbed sleep this causes stress, reduced work efficiency and poor life quality, according to Bernie Randall.