Here is the page from the agenda of last week’s Audit and Risk Committee meeting covering matters that were talked about in secret.

As has been mentioned before, they are always the most interesting items: why does the council want to keep them secret?

Particularly notable in this list is “Water Safety Programme”.  Er, yeah?  Does one or more council staffer think the drinking water may not be safe?  If so, why?  The council doesn’t want anyone not on the committee to know.

For general interest, the report of the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) on Local Authorities 2016-2017 is here.  It contains a list of things which the government audit office looks at and how local authorities measure up, with some examples.

Issues which the OAG needs to look at in KCDC’s case include:

  • How have council contracts been awarded?  We know that many have not been subject to competitive open tender. What is/has been going on?
  • How much scrutiny is given to the recipients of awards and grants on how the money has actually been used?  We have been told a disconcerting allegation about a large grant given to Zeal.
  • How much scrutiny is given to members (including staff members)’ interests in decisions, particularly ones made in secret?

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