Mik Peryer Sammy the Seal

Sammy the Seal is the theme of this latest book in the series, and while not everyday sights, seals do show up from time to time on Waikanae beach, in the estuary, and even further up-river as detailed in this Joel Maxwell story from 3 years ago.

The Scientific Reserve/Estuary is a major visitor attraction, not only for Waikanae but the Kapiti Coast, and Mik Peryer has been conducting nature tours though it for over 11 years.

About 30 gathered outside Susie Mills’ law office gallery this afternoon to listen to the two Access Radio guys, Mayor Guru as well as Mik (you can pronounce it either as Mick or Mike) give short speeches on the national, and even international attention that Mik has achieved for the estuary and its wildlife.

Vanesse of Waikanae

Vanessa Owens did the inspired illustrations in the book.