According to this article on the Beach FM website:

Kapiti Council’s elected members have managed to temporarily halt plans by the New Zealand Transport Agency to narrow Waikanae Bridge, to make way for a cycleway.

Waikanae Community Board Chair Jocelyn Prvanov told Beach FM, that a briefing meeting last Thursday was the first time elected members heard about the full impact of NZTA plans for a cycleway, that will run through to Peka Peka.

Although we have a poor opinion of the NZTA/KCDC obsession with installing Politically Correct cycle lanes if there’s central government funding for them, we at least thought they were blessed with a modicum of common sense.

Unfortunately, this gives reason to doubt that; fortunately, this particular plan has been halted.

The present Waikanae River bridge was built in the mid-1960s, when trucks were a lot smaller than they are now.   It consists of two fairly tight traffic lanes plus a slightly elevated pedestrian walkway on the west side.

What NZTA/KCDC need to do to accommodate their cycle lanes is to add clip-ons on each side of the bridge, the way that was done to add extra traffic lanes to the Auckland Harbour Bridge 5 years after it was opened.

There is some some lens distortion in the Google Streetview above — the lanes are narrower than they look — however, clicking in it for the various views will show what is sensible; and what is not.