The Waikanae Health Advocacy Group (WHAG) was formed recently to identify the unique challenges facing Waikanae residents’ access to health services, and to articulate those challenges to the Kapiti Health Advisory Group and others planning the future delivery of our community’s health services,

Following its successful inaugural meeting on 11 February, WHAG is holding a public meeting at 7 pm on Tuesday, 19 March at the Waikanae Support Hub [in Mahara Place.]  The purpose of the meeting is to call for expressions of interest and support from the Waikanae community, including local medical professionals, and appoint a committee that is an informed voice truly reflective of the community it represents.

The format of the meeting will include a brief overview (5 minutes) from local health service providers of the services they provide and what they consider the health challenges facing Waikanae residents.  On behalf of WHAG I invite you to support this new community focused initiative and join us on Tuesday, 19 March.

To register your interest and support please contact me using the contact details below.

Sandra Forsyth, Waikanae Health Advocacy Group

021 024 765 95   forsythsandra@hotmail.com