greedAs reported by Christopher Ruthe yesterday, the multi-millionaire partners in various big law firms put their hands up for — and got from the Jacinda government — millions of extra dollars for themselves, simply because they and their hires had to work from home and not at the office.

Says Bob Jones on the BFD:

“If there’s one activity that can function for a time working from home, then that’s law.

“Furthermore, the senior partner of one of these bludger outfits burbled to the media that it was so successful they’re thinking of doing it permanently to save office rentals.

“Of course there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for that mob putting their hand into taxpayers pocket, namely they don’t intend charging clients for the work they did from home during the lockdown. Where’s the Tui billboard when we need it?”

Despite having two inhouse lawyers, the Kapiti Coast District Council pays hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to external law firms including Simpson Grierson of Auckland.  In 2017 your editors filed a formal complaint with the Law Society about one of the partners at that firm for telling gross untruths.

NZ Herald article

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