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Transmission Gully

The Transport Agency has admitted that sections of Wellington’s billion-dollar project, Transmission Gully, need to be re-laid after an error.

It’s another bump in the road after a number of delays on the 27km stretch of highway.

On Monday the agency said the completion date had been extended into next year, exceeding its current November deadline.

In a statement the Transport Agency confirmed to RNZ parts of the road will need to be removed and re-done.

“Process errors have occurred at isolated locations on Transmission Gully, the longest of which was 400m in length. The cost to remediate this is carried by the builder and is considered part of the construction process.

“A quality control process is in place to identify such errors, and a set construction method is used to remove and replace the material, which is recycled for use elsewhere on the project.”

However, the Transport Agency was not able to specify the total length or the number of locations where the road needed replacing.

Contractors spoken to by RNZ described the whole job as a “circus”.

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