the influenza virus: much more a concern than Cv-19 is now.

Every day at 1 pm the Dear Leader with — at least 2 metres away — her Director General of Health appears on the Mainstream Media to announce the latest statistics on Cv-19: new cases, recovered cases, how many in hospital, of those how many on ventilators and more.  We’ve given the link to the Minsistry of Health website a couple of times.

The figures of new and active cases in NZ of Cv-19 are now so small that one would think they’ve lost their “shock, horror” factor for the MSM, but they continue.

At present we have the statistic that 21 people have died so far with this recent virus, but for how many it was the sole cause of death is not being stated.  However, that total figure is so small it isn’t of major importance.  We know that in Italy, 99% of deaths were of those who had an underlying illness.

According to Statistics NZ, a.k.a. the Department of Statistics, 34,260 deaths were registered in New Zealand in the year to 31 December 2019 — that works out at 94 a day.

How many of those died from one of the various potentially fatal infectious diseases?  For a list and description of 28 of these, this webpage is informative.

If the Jacinda government and its Legacy Media propagandists are going to continue giving satistics for Cv-19, they should also give them for each of these diseases.  We know that over 500 a year die from normal influenza, for example.