All competent real estate agents will tell you to do this, not only to enhance your property’s value but the whole neighbourhood. We’ve posted many pictures on this theme taken around Waikanae.

Tip to Increase Your Homes Value #01 : Create Curb Appeal. It’s time to spruce up your street view.

This one is crucial. First impressions not only last, but they can stop your potential buyer from getting through your front door if your curb side appeal is, well, less than appealing. It may sound obvious, but a nicely mowed lawn, a few well-placed shrubs and a swept pathway makes a great first impression.

A prospective buyer’s first memory of the house is often the one that sticks and the good news is that a little can go a long way in this area of your property and is actually one of the best ways to add value or help sell your home.

Step across the road and take a fresh perspective at your homes street outlook. What is your first impression? What buyers see at first glance is tremendously important. Take a wander around the area for inspiration and set yourself a list of tasks to tackle to give your house instant buyer appeal.

For under $500 you can replace the letterbox and numbers, and repaint the front door. Painting the entrance door a bold colour can really make your house standout, just be careful not to go for something too ‘interesting’. A new welcome mat is a cheap way to improve your homes street sass, and make sure the plants and trees on your driveway are neatly trimmed and looking great. Adding pot plants to a front entrance can also make a big impact at a low price.