Below is most of a mail from one of our readers to another and copied to us.

Unfortunately, Forest and Bird strongly support 1080 usage and many people are staggered that this slow acting and cruel poison is actively supported by an organisation like Forest and Bird.   

It is particularly concerning when in New Zealand animals are declared as sentient beings and the deaths to animals like deer and possums takes several days with 1080 use.   Deer are in such agony they try to gouge out their entrails using their antlers and hind legs to ease their suffering

The claims by DOC and Forest and Bird of 25 million of native birds being predated every year is a gross distortion and there is no factual evidence to back up these claims.    Even when it is given a little thought it would work out at 2,853 birds being predated every hour of every day of the year.
The 1080 is an insecticide as well as a rodenticide.    Many of our little insectivores are being decimated by the 1080 from starvation as their food source disappears and  Kea dying from secondary poison from eating poisoned carcasses.    The same applies to our native falcon the Karearea a recent bird of the year winner.

Forest and Bird are intransigent that 1080 benefits the birds and won’t listen to any concerns that are expressed by the likes of Dr Jo Pollard, Professor Wayne Linklater and Dr Jamie Steer among others.  It wasn’t always the case that Forest and Bird fully supported 1080 use.  Back in the 1990’s Forest and Bird totally opposed 1080.  We are unable to ascertain why Forest and Bird did this massive u-turn on the issue.  As quite a number of our native species are in a race to extinction many of us cannot fathom why this rigid support for 1080 continues.   If 1080 works one might ask why is it still being used after 65 years since it began.

It is for the reasons mentioned above that people take action and stop purchasing products that endorses actions by DOC such as those mentioned above and are fully supported by Forest and Bird.

I am a regular host and have enjoyed your wines to date but was horrified to see the endorsement of Forest and Bird, given their support for the use of 1080.