Kapiti Coast Airport is investigating who is hitting golf balls onto the runway and surrounding land, including onto the Kapiti Districts Aero Club apron and in the carpark near the aero club hangar and clubrooms.

“The golf balls aren’t coming from the golf course, they are coming from neighbours,” Airport chief executive Chris Simpson said.

“This issue is a serious safety concern, particularly with balls landing on the runway. They are a hazard that could cause a potentially life-threatening accident if a plane was to hit one on the runway as it lands or takes off. They are a danger not only to pilots and their passengers but potentially to surrounding residents and homes if a plane was to crash having hit a golf ball.”

Simpson said CCTV footage will be reviewed by Kapiti Coast Airport staff to try to ascertain who is hitting the golf balls into the airport and Police may be involved.

“We’re asking our neighbours to please stop doing this. We take safety seriously and this is real cause for concern.”