It’s not only those at the bottom of the social-economic ladder who are now feeling the squeeze; while incomes remain static, or reduce as a result of the lockdowns, the costs of living continue to increase, massively for first home buyers and renters. The old benchmark that accommodation shouldn’t absorb more than 30% of income is long gone; many have to spend over 50% of it.

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Foodbank co-ordinator Kerry Lovell says she also needs a big supply of tissues for people heartbroken at having to use the foodbank.

And the Kapiti Foodbank needs a new base at a time when demands for its food parcels is going up.  Foodbank coordinator Kerry Lovell says it’s the result high rents leaving many families short of money for food.

She says many people are struggling with the rent and their weekly bills. That’s a change from their previous clientele of beneficiaries and the unemployed.

Kerry Lovell

In one case a former pilot is struggling with a $900 weekly mortgage cost.

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