by Jordan Williams

You’ve got until the end of tomorrow (Sunday) to make your voice heard on the Climate Change Commission’s radical plans to upend the New Zealand economy. Our submission tool means it takes just two minutes.

Submissions close tomorrow night.

Yesterday I joined former Senior Economic Advisor to Sir Bill English, Matt Burgess, to interview the Commission’s Chair, Dr Rod Carr. You can listen to the podcast here.

The key concession: Dr Carr admitted that the Climate Change Commission has chosen not to take a least-cost approach to reaching the zero carbon target.

That is alarming. It basically means the Commissioners consider they have a blank cheque to impose their preferences to plan our economy, society, and even cities. As I explained earlier, many of the Commission’s draft recommendations don’t even reduce emissions — and the Commission’s own analysis shows we are already on the pathway needed to achieve our international emissions goals.

If you agree that the Government should be looking to hit climate targets for the least economic damage, we need you to add your voice by making a submission.

Countless left wing groups are getting their supporters to file form submissions. Rod Carr has said publicly that he is seeking a ‘mandate’ to impose the radical reforms listed in the email below. That’s why we need two minutes of your time right now – to prevent the Government claiming it has public ‘support’ for these plans.

Ironically, it appears that many of the climate lobby groups haven’t got to grips with the Commission’s analysis. In many cases the planned interventions do nothing to actually reduce emissions, and in some cases actually slow us down – but with huge economic damage.

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