Using a test that was never meant as a diagnostic test, and given the similarities in symptoms between Covid-19 and garden-variety flu, we will never know how many people who were diagnosed as Covid-19 actually had, and perhaps died, from the flu. From L. Reichard White at

Either the Cv-19 pandemic is a SNAFU of truly cosmic proportions or it’s a conspiracy — or, possibly, a little of both. Yes, there really are conspiracies of truly cosmic proportions.

Given the circumstances, I’m sorry to say, paraphrasing Joseph Stalin is the key to understanding this quite amazing event, like this — “It’s not the infections, cases and deaths which define the ‘pandemic,’ it’s those who count and report the infections, cases and deaths.

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Some will have seen the NZ government advertisements claiming that cv symptoms can be like those of the common cold — in which case why on Earth is there all the fuss about it? It’s time for the obsession and craziness to end. —Eds