from theBFD–

“The government has moved from hushed whispers to out loud warnings that we will all be locked down again if there is just a single case of the much-hyped Delta variant in New Zealand.

“Ardern is desperately looking to ramp up the scare factor, given their latest internal polling has shown that their share of the vote has fallen to 38%, the Greens are mired at 8% and National has now clawed itself to within cooee of Labour on 31%. Act scored a creditable 13% and NZ First is lurking at 4%.

“Labour are in panic mode, and they desperately need another lockdown so people can remember just how wonderful Jacinda Ardern is.”

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Given that the PCR tests don’t distinguish the (alleged) China virus variants, whatever suffix they’re given — see the earlier post — the words “of the much-hyped Delta variant ” in the first sentence above are superfluous. —Eds