by Geoffrey Churchman

If there’s a NZ general election which demonstrated the major influential power of the Legacy Media more than any other it was the parliamentary election of 17 October 2020.

It didn’t matter to Labourites that the Labour-led coalition had failed to deliver any of its main 2017 promises over the previous 3 years; see the graphic above — and a whole bunch of other folk seduced by the media adulation — all that mattered to them was a youngish woman promoted relentlessly by both TV1 and TV3 as a secular saint because she had kept the China virus (mostly) at bay with closed borders and harsh Lockdowns. Never mind that nearly all of that was driven by officials in Ministry of Health of whom the public face was Dr Bloomfield, who in turn mostly followed what counterparts overseas had come up with — and that a lot of it in NZ was knee-jerk reaction and poorly thought through.

Elections in NZ have long been primarily personal popularity contests and, like it or not, the charisma of leaders is the make or break of electoral success. Policies are a distant second for most voters and competence as administrators is a even more distant third.

Labour’s remarkable 50% of the vote that it managed to receive a year ago, up from 37% in 2017, enabled the party to govern alone without support from the Green Party; but for incomprehensible reasons, Jacinda decided to bring their two leaders into her Ministry anyway. The consequences have been dire for farmers and tradies, and the economy.

But even without the Greenies the past year would still have been awful. It’s now clear that Winston Peters’ primary role in Jacinda’s first term was to put a brake on the excesses that were unleashed without him.

This government has thrown incredible amounts of Taxpayer money at people and groups that don’t deserve it — while ignoring those who do need it. She and her cohorts have done nothing meaningful to address the poverty of those at the bottom of the heap while those at the top levels of the Civil Service pyramid continue to receive massive salaries, often more than 10 times the average wage. It’s as though the poor don’t matter any more to the Jacinda government — what does matter to them is the U.N. Agenda 2030 and the New World Order: most of what they have done has been intended to advance it, and fast.

An important moment of admission which her paid Stuff media decided wasn’t a good look.
Garrick Tremain sums it up: the most opaque, deceitful and dishonest government in NZ’s history.

Her unjustified knee-jerk gun grab in 2019 was one thing, it only affected a relatively smallish number of people. But the aggressive witch-hunt for political opponents, so-called ‘right wing extremists’, and her attacks on Free Speech raised a lot of hackles and caused apprehension everywhere. Her legislative restrictions on people’s ability to state their opinions are still suspended above us like a sword of Damocles.

This woman and her propagandists have created so much fear, animosity, division and confusion that even the simplest of tasks is now tainted with discrimination, Kiwi against Kiwi.

We are well down the road towards totaliterianism.

Fortunately, despite the best efforts of her paid Legacy Media, support for Dear Leader’s regime has slipped significantly in the last 12 months, while the strongest opponents of her policies, ACT, have gained. It’s likely Labour has lost support to National, which in turn has lost support to ACT. But as has been said on WW before, we should support good policies no matter where they come from, and oppose the bad, again no matter where they come from.

Eva delivering pamphlets for Tim Costley in September 2020. He comfortably out-polled Labour candidate Terisa Ngobi 49% to 44% in Waikanae, but not in the whole Otaki constituency which was one of the seats National lost.