by Geoffrey Churchman

Scam collectives in Nigeria and Jamaica have nothing on the people who inhabit the United Nations buildings in New York and Geneva. For decades now they have been proclaiming to everybody that ‘we are all going to drown!’ because the sea levels are supposedly rising and that’s because of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere, causing global warming.

So they organise the manipulation of climate data and bring about the shutting down of thermal power stations in developed countries — although not in Iran, Turkey, China and India, the countries that are responsible for most carbon pollution. It’s only OECD countries they are interested in. Why? It’s all about ‘Climate Justice’ — in other words, the redistribution of wealth. While the natural increase in population from births over deaths has fallen to almost balance in developed countries — most notably in Germany and Russia — population continues to grow rapidly in the Third World, with the notable exception of China which some years ago had the sense to introduce a population policy. So the First World needs to be less wealthy and the Third World becomes more so. The Second World — mostly ex-Communist countries that are between the two categories measured in GDP per capita — can look after itself.

The problem is the U.N.’s Agenda — fully subscribed and supported by Dear Leader and Aunty Helen — are impacting on the Third World too. From last week’s headlines:

  • Lebanon’s power supplies have now been brought back to normal, Ministry says 
  • Meanwhile, some Chinese provinces are rationing electricity amid crisis 
  • Europeans are paying exorbitant prices for liquefied gas and India is low on coal 
  • India insisted it has ample coal stocks to meet the demand of its power plants 

Now don’t me me wrong, I fully support measures to achieve clean air and coal-fired power stations are pretty much the worst offenders in toxic air pollution. But — the real science doesn’t support the notion that CO2 is to blame for global warming. So, there is nothing wrong with natural gas as a fuel as the products of methane combustion, CH4 plus O2, are Carbon Dioxide and water. Burning oil is rather problematic, however, as there are other combustion products that aren’t nice for people and the environment. However, the better the fuel economy of engines, the less the problem becomes. And internal combustion engines can run on bio-fuel. As an example, grease and cooking oils from Fish and Chip shops now power London’s taxi fleet.

There are alternative forms of energy production to oil and gas, and in NZ we have been blessed with abundant hydo-power and some geothermal power, although with the rapidly increasing population from immigration, they have ceased to be adequate.

I recommend that people type ‘Ian Bradford’ in the search box above for the several articles he has written for us on the general and specific issues involved with energy production, climate change, and the U.N.-perpetrated hoax.