An article on the American ABC website which, of course, doesn’t state that Ivermectin has been a successful treatment for covid — that would be a no-no — but effectively says that:

“Several studies are probing whether there might be other explanations, including genetic reasons or past infection with parasitic diseases.”

‘Past infection with parasitic diseases’ is code for past use of Ivermectin.

We can all figure out what’s really going on here.

“Covid-19 is gone, when did you last hear of anyone who has died of COVID-19?” Ndou said. “The mask is to protect my pocket,” he said. “The police demand bribes so I lose money if I don’t move around with a mask.” Earlier this week, Zimbabwe recorded just 33 new COVID-19 cases and zero deaths, in line with a recent fall in the disease across the continent, where World Health Organization data show that infections have been dropping since July.

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