Was TV1 even aware that 4 of the books in this opening visual are actually about environmental damage caused by chemicals and deliberate poisoning with 1080?

by Geoffrey Churchman

Like many people I don’t usually watch TV1 News — shallow, sensationalistic, unbalanced, often factually inaccurate and always in support of whatever the Jacinda government does. (Not that Newshub is any better, but occasionally they do take the Jacinda government to task over one of its regular untruths.) However, its unprincipled hit job on Tross Publishing was really at rock bottom by even its abysmal standards. The attack took place over two separate broadcasts a week apart. We posted on 10 December about the first attack — TV1 News wants books it doesn’t like bannedhere.  A second attack occurred on Sunday 12 December’s 6 pm bulletin. 

The reporter, Te Aniwa Hurihanganui, sent the below intimidating and unprofessional e-mail to John McLean of Tross Publishing on Friday 10 December:


I’m working on another story today regarding some of the books by your company. I would like to give you an opportunity to respond. 

I have been told that you are marketing your books to school libraries. Is this true? Is there a reason? And how many have been sold to schools?

Academics and teachers have made a number of accusations. They include: 

  • That Tross Publishing work contains misinformation, harmful views against Maori, and content that minimises the negative impacts of colonisation (including historic Crown invasions at Parihaka and Waikato) 
  • That many of the books Tross Publishing has produced have little to no citations and are therefore not tested 
  • That it is inappropriate for Tross Publishing books to be in high school libraries 
  • That some of the content in Tross Publishing books could be traumatising for Maori 
  • That Tross Publishing books have a political agenda and are not balanced 

If you would like to respond please do so by 10am tomorrow (Saturday 11 December). 

I’m aware that you contacted TVNZ’s CEO last week regarding my first story. Please send any future responses directly to me so that I can ensure it’s received in time for broadcast. 

Nga mihi mahana

Te Aniwa Hurihanganui

One News

Displaying more than a little malice, she then had another go at the firm on the 12 December 6 pm bulletin.  The books she didn’t like have been out for up to ten years and yet it is only now that they are being questioned by a radical activist.  TVNZ CEO Mr. Kenrick denied that this journalist orchestrated the whole thing, but that is just not credible. 

Last week, in giving his response, the author, John Robinson, asked that his short response be broadcast in its entirety – something that the reporter failed to do. Tross Publishing again requested that its short response to this latest attack on our right of free speech be broadcast in its entirety and, to prevent any further trickery on the part of the reporter, it added below the full yet short response that it gave and insisted on this being broadcast in full:

“All the accusations are false as Tross Publishing’s books are based on historical facts without any revisionist or other agendas and are heavily referenced. We resent your continuing attacks on our right of free speech.”

The TV1 activist/propagandist selected some Wokeist academics to support her claims, but avoided having any reputable historians like John Robinson or Bruce Moon to counter them.

Had this young activist even read the books herself? On the second item she found a High School librarian, Glenys Bichan, who keeps Tross books in a “back room and handled carefully” — did either activist know that is exactly what libraries in Nazi Germany did with copies of books they didn’t like: put in a special locked cabinet and labelled ‘poison’?

Readers should send formal complaints to TV One about the “news” items. You will have to wait 20 working days for their inevitable denial and then you formally apply to the Broadcasting Standards Authority for a ruling. That may well result in another denial or a “slap over the wrist with a wet bus ticket.” But it is easy to do and search engines will find the link. At the very least it registers our disgust and the BSA gets the message that we won’t put up with taxpayer money being used for corrupt, racist propaganda like the TV1 items.

The silver lining in this black cloud is that Tross Publishing has received record orders from all over the country as well as numerous messages urging it to continue to uphold the right of free speech which the owners and authors intend to do.