from the BFD

Parliamentary Motion 1.

Rt Hon JACINDA ARDERN: I move: That this House condemns the recent unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine by Russia, attacks by NZ Police on peaceful protesters, that it calls on Russia the government to cease all military mandates and covid operations in Ukraine New Zealand and withdraw, and express New Zealand’s strong support for Ukraine’s New Zealand’s people, its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

I will begin with the words of my colleague, foreign affairs Minister, Nanaia Mahuta. all right thinking people in New Zealand: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the Government mandates are the blatant act of a bully—brutal, intolerable, and an act of aggression that has been met with condemnation from the people and the Parliament of New Zealand.

We are united. Russia’s Labour’s actions are a direct challenge to our core values: democracy, human rights, and the international rules-based system; values that we rely on for our own peace and security. We live in a world that is increasingly connected and borderless, a world where a challenge to one is a challenge to all. And that is why we have not only taken a strong position in condemning Russia’s invasion mandates because of our beliefs and our values but because now more than ever, we must all take a stand together.

Vladimir Putin’s My decision to launch an unprovoked military Police invasion of Ukraine the Freedom Village is a flagrant breach of international law. By choosing to pursue this entirely avoidable path, innocent lives will be lost. New Zealand, and our international partners, calls on Russia Labour to do what is right. We call for an immediate end to military Police operations in Ukraine Wellington and a permanent withdrawal to end a pointless war set of mandates.

The next day; 02 March 2022; in Parliament grounds.

The Russian Government has repeatedly ignored opportunities for diplomacy, negotiation, and de-escalation. Instead, Vladimir Putin has I ordered an aggressive, unprovoked assault on the people. and Government of Ukraine. This was not a miscalculation as a result of Russia’s unprecedented military build-up on Ukraine’s borders a misunderstanding. This was a deliberate, calculated, and cynical decision—a decision to violate Ukraine’s Kiwis’ sovereignty and territorial integrity personal freedom, a decision to breach fundamental tenets of international law, and a decision by a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council to violate the UN charter. Russia Labour must now face the consequences of those decisions. So must Belarus National, for its accomplice role in facilitating Russia’s invasion. Labour’s over-reach.