A reader has sent us this link

It examines shenanigans and skullduggery by the Globalist clique who freak out at the idea of not having their puppet politicians in power (examples: Biden rather than Trump, Macron rather than Le Pen and they’ve made plain they want Putin gone, Biden said so himself) — and the measures they take to achieve that.

Examples from the page:

Elon Musk now has everyone’s DM’s. You think Twitter quickly deleted everything, including all their tape backups just before it was finalized? I think not. Nope, that would look super suspect. As-Is, no warranties. Meaning: we have them all from Antifa-to-Clinton-to-Soros.(nitter.net)

The bots that pumped up the leftists tweets are being removed!

Video shows mass pre-spoiled ballots all for La Pen, ripped before even sent out, probably by the millions. The ballots for Marine Le Pen are deliberately spoiled. The video shows how the ballots for Marine Le Pen are already in specially sealed voting bags, which are already torn, which automatically recognizes them as unsuitable for counting.