A Ukrainian soldier holding a Javelin anti-tank missile system during exercises in 2021. (Pic via the BBC)

The Biden administration’s obsession with warmongering in Ukraine against Russia has been nothing short of phenomenal, with over $3.8 billion worth of military assistance being sent to Ukraine since late February — over 30% more than it did over the eight-year war in the Donbass, and making Kiev the single largest recipient of US military aid in 2022 so far.

Between 2014 and 2021, as the post-Euromaidan coup governments in Kiev sought to crush the fledgling Donbass independence movements by force, Washington provided the country with $2.7 billion in “lethal and non-lethal” military aid, including Humvees, sniper equipment, patrol boats, Javelin anti-tank missiles, and training.

In the 2020 financial year Israel received $3.3 billion in military aid, Egypt was second with $1.3 billion. The country in which the U.S. spent the most was Afghanistan at $2.7 billion although most of this would have been the cost of its own forces there. To compensate armaments manufacturers for the U.S.’s (botched) withdrawal last August, the Biden administration seems to have seized on the conflict in Ukraine by spending much more. Biden’s NATO buddies have added $1 billion worth of arms shipments into Ukraine. The armaments industry is enjoying a bonanza, and Leftists must be in ecstacy.

Since February, the U.S. has delivered, among other things, thousands of Javelins, AT4 anti-armour systems, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, Mi-17 helicopters (scavenged from Afghanistan), radar detection equipment, grenade launchers, a host of small arms, M777 and M198 howitzers and artillery, armoured personnel carriers, drones and jamming equipment. Now according to Reuters, Biden’s psychopaths in the Pentagon and the State Department are looking at sending two types of anti-ship missile: Boeing Harpoons and Raytheon-Kongsberg Naval Strike Missiles (NSM).

And today (NZ time) the U.S. Senate passed a bill to send Ukraine a staggering additional $40 billion in military aid, so the legislation gets sent to the White House to be signed into effect by Biden.

Members of the Senate passed the bill in a vote of 86-11, with the opposition coming from Republican Senators including Rand Paul and Josh Hawley, who expressed concerns about the legislation’s potential impact on the US economy and other domestic priorities. The House passed the legislation earlier in May in a vote of 368-57. The opponents there likewise were all Republicans.

Not all the armaments will get used by official Ukrainian forces, however. U.S. investigative journalist Daniel Lazare says there is a long record of U.S. weapons falling in the wrong hands in Syria and Afghanistan and there is every reason to think that this story will repeat in Ukraine.

“Vast amounts of western armaments are entering the country, but are then being lost in the fog of war. Much of the aid will presumably find its way to battlefield forces. But since Kiev is far and away the most corrupt government in Europe, it’s a safe and sad bet that some portion will end up in the hands of third parties involved in the illicit international arms trade. Once the fighting stops we can expect much of what’s left over to find its way to the black market.”