Non sequitur in Latin means “it does not follow.” The phrase was borrowed into English in the 1500s by people who made a formal study of logic. For them, it meant a conclusion that does not follow from the statements that lead to it. —Merriam Webster dictionary

by Geoffrey Churchman

Back in January, Billy Te Kahika Jr predicted that once Covidiocy was kaput, which it pretty much now is, despite the the Jacinda government and the MSM’s desperate attempts to keep it going, that the Globalists would reinvigorate Climatism to replace it. And he was right.

Last night despite my better judgement, I watched the Sunday presentation on TV One of the typical arguments the Globalists make in support of their theory to make people submit to their collective will.

We’re all familiar with how it goes: put simply, they claim, the world has never been hotter, and that’s because of carbon dioxide being pumped into the air because of more fossil fuels being burnt. Therefore we’re all going to be submerged by rising sea level because the polar ice caps and glaciers are melting and they’ll be gone soon.

So, to support their points, they trot out accounts of severe weather events that have happened recently somewhere in the world. And yes, they’re all because of more carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere!

The lead item in this concoction was the small town of Lytton in British Columbia, Canada, on the Fraser River. For 3 days in June 2021, the temperature reached over 115 degrees F, and on one day it got to 121 degrees F. There was a wildfire in in the hills which winds caused to spread, and the town burned down. Lytton now has the distinction of having Canada’s highest ever recorded temperature.

“What more do we need to convince you?” ask the Climatists. Well, quite a lot actually. Those temperatures are fairly common in the deserts of the American southwest, I’ve been in 115 F there (and yes, you can’t stay outside for long). As you might expect the air conditioning bill for people who live in those areas isn’t small. As far north as Lytton BC isn’t normal, of course.

But the Globalists avoid any mention of severe cold events — so to balance their fear-mongering, we mention them.

But wait, there’s more:- alleged Global Warming is responsible for floods too! Er, um, OK. Never mind that they have long happened on a fairly regular basis. Locally in Waikanae, the river bed around the road and rail bridges had to be dredged quite significantly in the 1950s and 1960s (well before Greta) because of the amount of shingle being washed down the Waikanae River from deluges in the hills over the decades. Even in standard conditions the amount of material that has been washed down the river over the years means the beaches both north and south of the bulge at the river mouth (look at a map) are gradually accreting and the beach is slowly rising. Oops, don’t mention that.

As one of our readers asked, in any era in World history has the climate not changed?

Watching the Sunday presentation was a bit like watching a program on Nostradamus predictions — you know what the makers are going to trot out to support their claims that they have worked out the meaning of the cryptic quatrains written hundreds of years ago.

by Roger Childs

It is amazing what they predict. Take this statement: “We are guaranteed to get 30 cm of sea level rise by 2060 regardless of our emissions, beyond that it really does matter what we do with our emissions globally.” This is about as accurate as saying the Warriors will win the NRL in 2023 and that the Hurricanes will beat the Brumbies next time.

In 1990s the UN’s IPCC predicted that low-lying area around the world would be underwater by the 2010s. There was also concern that polar bears were going to be virtually wiped out. The first prediction was wrong, but how about polar bears? Scientist Susan J Crockford reported in 2018 “After dropping to a low of 10,000 bears in 1950, during the middle of a global cooling period, polar bear numbers have quadrupled to as many as 39,000 today.”

The scientists on the IPCC seem to be paid well to make dire predictions. They always claim things are going to get worse and no account is taken of sunspot activity, volcanic eruptions (which pour huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere) and the possibility that planet Earth might move into a cooling phase. As regards greenhouse gases CO2 makes up 0.04% of the atmosphere and methane 0.00017%. Hardly scary stuff.

This article is well worth reading: