Yes folks, the first Monkeypox quarantine has been ordered in the EU: Belgian health authorities have mandated a 21-day self-isolation period after three cases were detected! “Belgium’s Risk Assessment Group has announced a 21-day quarantine for patients with Monkeypox after three people in the country were diagnosed with the virus, which has surfaced in over a dozen countries in the past week. The health authority issued the declaration on Friday.”

And in Bidenland, officials have rushed to secure vaccines: US health authorities have signed a deal for $119 million in vaccine doses against the monkeypox virus, after a Massachusetts man was diagnosed with the rare but potentially serious illness last week. 

Why don’t they just tell men, gay men in particular, it’s not a good idea to indiscriminately go around soaking their pozzles like health authorities did during the AIDS pandemic of the late 20th century?

We know the answer to that — it all means another reason for more imposition of the social control that Leftists/Globalists love, and more profits for Big Pharma. Buy shares in them, another government mandated bonanza is coming.

Be kind to monkeys.