Once again the Jacinda Junta reveals itself to be a corrupt political dictatorship. Did she get on the phone to Obergruppenführer Coster of the Volkspolizei with this order as well? Is she trying to outdo the other Dear Leader, Kim Jong-Un of North Korea?

As uncovered by The BFD, the New Zealand police — not Immigration NZ, apparently, as was earlier claimed — actively sought to have two journalists banned from entering the country. Their internal communications left no doubt that the reasons were entirely political, profiling the journalists as “far-right” (a purely subjective political opinion) and “anti-government”.

One of the journalists, Rukshan Fernando, was momentarily held up when staff at Melbourne airport were mysteriously unable to check him into his flight. “The moment they scanned my passport at Melbourne airport, the staff were like we don’t know what’s going on, we’ve never seen this before,” Fernando said.

Ultimately, Fernando made it to New Zealand safely, where he proceeded to do what he does: simply Livestream events as they happened.

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