What a glorious future has been mapped out for us! From Declan Hayes at strategic-culture.com:

NATO’s resolve to have us freezing in the dark and subsisting on insect-based concoctions from Bill Gates’ Hell’s Kitchen deserves our urgent attention. Why are German burghurs reduced to foraging for wood in forests and stripping the planks off park benches? Why are Poles, who live in a country with vast coal deposits, paying extortionate prices for coal, whenever they can get it? What about Russophobic Ireland, which has no emergency oil reserves and which depends for its electricity top ups on Britain, which likewise depends on Norway, which has warned Britain that they can no longer support them? Are we all going to freeze in the dark?

Why is Bill Gates, who is America’s largest land owner, telling us to eat synthetic foods? What is all this about replacing our traditional diets with cockroaches, grasshoppers and other fare that is more attuned to the palates of mice than of humans? Why is Ireland slaughtering its national herd and herding its humans into its cities, where American multinational companies dictate the exorbitant rents they must pay to live there?

Eating Insects as We Freeze in the Dark, by Declan Hayes — STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC