by Pam Vernon

In the lead up to the local body elections a Christchurch City Council “meet the candidates” meeting divided the candidates into vaxxed and unvaxxed by telling the vaccinated candidates to identify themselves by standing up. Their tactic divided the room. No doubt their completely unacceptable and discriminatory goal was to alienate the candidates who were not vaccinated.

It appears that the Christchurch City Council is actively attempting to put people off voting for unvaccinated candidates. This is not an impartial stance and could be viewed as election tampering.

The good news is that the reaction from the locals who were in the meeting was not what the council expected.

And if you think that the Christchurch City Council should be shamed for this behaviour, share this video widely.

It is worrying to see an effort by a council to reduce the chances of candidates who do not parrot the Labour Government narrative.

In Wellington, Mayoral candidate Barbara McKenzie has encountered a similar environment of coercion and lack of ethics, quote:

“Two meetings I have attended here in Wellington asked “Do you have any association, or affiliation, with any organisation or group whose intent is to make NZ ungovernable?”. First time was at Island Bay (my very first meeting ….) and came from the residents association itself. When I answered “no” I was jeered at by the Green rent-a-crowd. Second time I said something like “yes, me and Tariana Turia” and funnily enough, no jeering …

One meeting did the “if you’re vaccinated, stand up” thing. Another asked the same, yes or no. So I was able to answer that I’d been vaccinated for all sorts but given Pfizer’s dreadful record for fraud and injury I wouldn’t buy a toothbrush from them.

Two candidates are in the habit of introducing themselves with “I’m such and such and fully vaccinated”.

The person asking the vaccinated to stand at the Christchurch public meeting was allegedly John Sellwood, a Christchurch communications professional.

Clearly the rights of the unvaccinated to choose are not respected in NZ. Neither is their privacy. Unbelievable!

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