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The Empire can’t do anything right recently—NATO, MI6, the CIA, and of course, their Nazi gang in Kiev could turn gold to shit just by looking at it.

One way or another, they are making things easier for the Russians to achieve their various goals— not just in the Ukraine—but at home rebuilding Russia as a nation— and abroad establishing a new multipolar world order, a kind of international democracy governed by law and reason.

Ukraine is just a linchpin— albeit an important one— keeping in mind that its Nazis are proxies for the West and everything they do is indicative of imperial decay. The difference between Ukrainian Nazis and Westerners is not so much ideology but really just the tattoos.

Western Ukraine’s mistakes amount to uicidal “self-demilitarization” and makes things so much easier for the Russians.

Kherson and Kharkov

Take the failed offensive in Kherson, where the Ukrainians came out of their “Maginot Grid” hideaways in the woods and townships to attack across an open steppe without air cover.

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