With its lofty plans to replace real meat with fake, plant-based “meat,” the Beyond Meat company (USA) is now facing some other types of growths that go beyond healthy.

According to Bloomberg News, “photos and internal documents from a Beyond Meats plant in Pennsylvania show apparent mold, Listeria and other food-safety issues.” On at least 11 different occasions Listeria showed up in products in the plant over a period of several months in 2021 and 2022.

Additionally, Bloomberg reported that “photos taken by a former employee from inside the plant in January and April show what appear to be spills, unsafe use of equipment, and mold on walls and ingredient containers, while spreadsheets, photos and internally prepared reports reveal that foreign materials such as string, metal, wood and plastic have been found in food from the plant at least as recently as last December.”

Source: Bloomberg News November 21, 2022