The advertising agency will have liked it, but not Taxpayers: a still from one of NZTA’s silly commercials.

(National Party media release)

Figures released to National show that the Government has spent almost $5 million promoting its Road to Zero campaign which has failed to meet four out of five targets in the last financial year, National’s Transport spokesperson Simeon Brown says.

“The Government has been taking Kiwis for a joyride, spending $4.86 million telling us about its Road to Zero campaign, but not doing anything to deliver on the targets within the strategy.  

“This is an appalling waste of taxpayers’ money and is actually doing nothing to make our roads safer. 

“Instead of focusing on getting things done, the Government is spraying millions of dollars on flashy ad campaigns to paper over its failings and hoping Kiwis don’t notice.

“The Government is also pushing ahead with trying to slow people down instead of fixing our roads. 

“Kiwis want better roads, not slower roads – and certainly not millions wasted on advertising which does nothing for our roads at all.”

How many pot-holes could have been fixed for $5 million? —Eds