The Ardern regime in New Zealand has been an embarrassment to the West. During her short tenure as Prime Minister, she has single-handedly created a new era of State-sanctioned racism and overseen a relentless campaign to erase or re-write history.

This destruction of New Zealand, which includes its name, has been done to serve Marxist activists who want nothing more than to fuel racial tension and line their pockets with guilt-ridden cash. The rot of these movements has been eating away at every branch of government. Even the water that falls from the heavens has become fodder for her government’s racially motivated agenda via the heavily criticised Three Waters project.

Whether it was Ardern’s infamous ‘we are your sole source of truth’ speech, or her hypocrisy inviting Americans to fly into New Zealand in a tourist frenzy (what happened to Net Zero?) while taxing the nation’s farmers for ‘emissions’ – everything Labour has touched it has ruined. Scientists are even developing a methane vaccine for cows like some kind of mad, dystopian sci-fi horror.

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