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We’ve all heard the comparison of Ukraine’s leader, Volodymyr Zelensky, to Winston Churchill. All the warmongers on the left and many on the right enthusiastically repeat the nonsense. Even establishment cartoonists have penned work showing how Zelensky is following in the footsteps of Churchill.

It’s all bullshit

Zelensky is a vicious little tyrant and grifter who shows up to a loudly-applauding Congress wearing a green tee shirt and shrilly calls for endless billions of dollars while he shuts down all political opposition at home. He has closed Russian Orthodox churches and seized their wealth. He has banned the Russian language and all opposition media.

Fraudulent propaganda by Zelensky–

Persecution of Russian speakers–

Assassinations inside Russia–

Creating false flag events, here a Ukrainian missile landed close to a train station in Ukraine — but the Russians were blamed–