by Guy Hatchard

Yesterday I was enjoying lunch at a restaurant, and I couldn’t help overhearing the extended family at the adjacent table having a concerning and tragic conversation.

A young boy of eight had died suddenly after a cardiac arrest and a brain bleed, and another boy of eight or nine, also known to the family, died suddenly on the very same day. The mother was upset, she was at a loss to understand how this could have happened. The grandfather offered some well intentioned words of comfort: “it could have happened to anyone, it is God’s will”.

I am not a fatalist. Things happen through cause and effect. I believe we have the freedom to choose between right and wrong. What’s more, “As you sow, so shall you reap”. Ultimately the universe is balanced and your deeds catch up with you. This is as much about Newton’s Laws as it is about religious faith. In India, they have a saying Truth Alone Triumphs. Their philosophy of karma mirrors that of Christ, the Buddha, and others.

You must have read about the Buffalo Bills’ safety Damar Hamlin aged 24, who suffered a cardiac arrest on the field. Nine days later, he has now been discharged from the hospital. The football world breathed a collective sigh of relief for him and his family. You may not have heard of Hunter Brown, Air Force offensive lineman, dead this week at 21. The New York Post reported Brown suffered a medical emergency, not on the field, but as he was leaving his dorm. First responders were unable to save him.

There’s more. If you read the sports pages of the Euro Weekly, you suddenly become aware of just how many public sports figures of all ages are passing away suddenly—seven this week alone, and that’s just a representative few of them. That doesn’t include those not in the public eye. It doesn’t include two active young boys dying suddenly in the same town in New Zealand on the same day. Deaths I haven’t seen reported in our newspapers.

People Who Lie Comfortably

Following public statements of concern about record high rates of excess death from high profile medical experts and some MPs, the BBC is reporting that there is no reason to be concerned (??). The author Rachel Schraer is a BBC reporter whom the Hatchard Report has had cause to criticise previously, for telling the public that the Covid jabs are safe and effective.

Here she does it again with cherries on top. The article reports Andrew Bridgen MP has been suspended for five days for quoting an eminent UK cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra who has concerns about multiple deaths related to covid ‘vaccines’ based on studies which he has discussed in detail in his peer reviewed scientific papers. Schraer responds: serious side effects from covid ‘vaccines’ are rare (??) and says:“Extensive independent research shows that covid vaccines are extremely effective at preventing deaths”, but unlike Malhotra, she doesn’t reference her research. There is a good reason for this. It doesn’t exist except in the imagination of MPs, media moguls, die-hard vaccine advocates, and others anxious to please PM Rishi Sunak whose former hedge fund invested heavily in biotechnology.

Tory Chief Whip Simon Hart joined in the grovelling and jingoistic fervour with, “As a nation we should be very proud of what has been achieved through the vaccine programme” (??).

He didn’t mention that covid ‘vaccines’ have not prevented infection, hospitalisation, or death. He didn’t mention that the rate of excess all-cause deaths in the UK is continuing to rise. Presumably Hart is proud of ‘vaccine’ injury; there appears to be nothing else to be proud about. Following Bridgen’s suspension, adverse effects of covid ‘vaccines’ are now officially unmentionable in the UK Parliament; the government-funded BBC is applauding at every possible opportunity.

Actually, serious adverse effects from covid ‘vaccines’ are so ‘rare’ that they dwarf the totals of side effects from all other vaccines ever given in history. There are clever ways to hide these astronomical totals. If you assume for example that Covid ‘vaccines’ could only possibly cause deaths in the three weeks following the jab, you can minimise totals.

If you then produce a list of fatal conditions like neurological conditions and cancers for example that couldn’t possibly (??) be caused by ‘vaccines’, you can subtract all those deaths and arrive at a manageable total which can be relayed to the public. Even that total (60 according to the BBC) would have, in days of yore (pre-pandemic), resulted in the withdrawal of a pharmaceutical product. Back then, even two deaths would have been sufficient.

I don’t want to put too fine a point on this, but all this obfuscation, hiding, sweeping under the carpet, and trumpet blowing about non-existent achievements amounts to lying.

There seem to be a great many ‘great’ people in the public eye who have gotten used to lying comfortably. Many among our ‘great’ rulers have difficulty admitting that they don’t know much about something; they are quite happy to have us believe they know all about biotechnology safety. For the record, it is not safe.

In fact, biotechnology is busy shaking up the arrangement of the ancient building blocks of life and coming up with surprises almost every week. Here at the Hatchard Report we come across published studies almost every day and write about them (with links). A little known study published in August 2022 by PubMed reports that Botox injections are less effective after Pfizer covid-19 injections. I haven’t had one myself, so I am not in a position to recommend them, but I want to say that no one knows why covid-19 injections interfere with Botox.

Popular beauty magazine Allure is having none of it. The article “Is the COVID-19 Vaccine Making Your Botox Wear Off Faster?” repeatedly urges its readers to “get the vaccine [and the booster] anyway”. Beauty is apparently too precious a possession to let a study interfere with your botox routines or stop you from having a ‘vaccine’.

If It Doesn’t Happen Within Three Weeks, It Doesn’t Matter

Add botox to a very long list of what no one knows about covid inoculations, and biotechnology in general. In truth, no one knows what effects are going to surface over time, but they would have you believe that if it doesn’t happen within three weeks and it’s not on their approved list, it doesn’t matter. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a lie.

One that is still rolling very easily off the tongues of government officials and pro-vaccine insiders all over the world who are increasingly worried that we might find out that they mandated a killer and told us to give it to little children.

Despite the collapse of the pro-‘vaccine’ narrative, the appetite for lying appears to have grown stronger. The BBC article puts asking questions on covid ‘vaccine’ safety on a par with denying the holocaust. An absurd comparison.Evidently, there is something addictive about the ‘lying’ habit, despite it always being wrong. Our mothers and teachers were right to discourage it. If our MPs continue to wilfully employ this tactic on both sides of the house, if they continue to stand by and watch people die, they will all be suddenly due for a stretch in the wilderness. Deaths have a cause. They do not suddenly increase for no reason, nor are they convenient political footballs.

I would like to conclude at this point by saying that time has a habit of sorting this out, but time is not on our side right now. Tragically we have found out the hard way that we can’t entrust the safety of our children to officials. They don’t care.

Much is unknown about biotechnology, but one quality that is becoming increasingly clear is its deadly effect. It upsets the physiological balance that our health relies on every day, and for some people, that is proving final. Apparently, our leaders only care about covering their behinds and hiding their Pinocchio noses with masks.

People who die do not have a voice anymore, but they deserve justice. Justice here can only be the restoration of truth and an immediate change in pandemic policy.